Hello hello my new friend, I'm Kara. I'm an intuitive Tarot reader,  Usui Reiki healer,  and creator and facilitator of feminine rituals. I got my start on this path while growing up in the magical wilds of New Hampshire. With nature as my guiding force, I was able to tune in deeply to the spirits around me, creating a life filled with a curiosity for all matters mystical. I've since traveled the world, and through these experiences I've been able to hone my skills as a healer, reader, and teacher.

I'm a graduate of the Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey under the dual-mentorship of the divine and powerful Lindsay Mack and Jeff Hinshaw. I was also an active member of Moon Church, transforming my learnings under Lyndsey Harrington into my own successful series of private and public New Moon and Full Moon healing ceremonies. I am an Usui Reiki 2 healer under the tutelage of Lisa Levine and will be completing my masters training with her in 2018.

I am fully committed to finding the magic in every moment and I bring a buoyant joy to all of my practices. You can often find me teaching workshops and offering Tarot readings at places like Maha Rose, Ludlow House, Space Ninety 8, and 97 Wellness Club, as well as for private and corporate clients.