"Kara's talent and effervescence transcends her cards. I went to her a few weeks ago, listlessly in transition, and our conversation unveiled a lot of opportunity. Through her cards and insight, I suddenly saw my own mental blocks, and reclaimed an agency to do something about it. Kara saw my frustrations and spun a mandala of new angles and perspectives. Her counsel is honest, but playful and validating. She offers clarity and optimism, even on the cloudiest days!"
—Laura Head; Educator

"Walking into Kara's session was like the breath of fresh air my soul needed: Warm, welcoming and sunny, she absolutely radiates positive energy and channels it seamlessly into her reiki practice. She paid more attention to the areas I mentioned that felt needed more work, and also took initiative with other weaker chakras she noticed, balancing me out even in places I didn't know I needed. She also gave me a brief and super helpful assessment after the session about my current energetic situation. A truly positive, enlightening experience and can't wait to come back!"
—Eunice Lucero; Beauty Editor

"In a word, Kara Kinsey is magical. She not only cares deeply about her friends, loved ones, and clients, she also makes sure to add an emotional component to each reading or session, to make sure that everyone is getting every last drop out of each word she says. She has a connection to people, no matter if she's just met them or known them for years, which can only be described as an otherworldly gift. Kara loves to look at people and read and interpret their energy--all with the intention of helping and spreading enlightenment and love. Her knowledge of tarot and astrology flows out of her with seemingly no effort, almost like she is channeling something higher than herself. (And I truly believe she is.) 

Kara has always been intuitive and an excellent communicator, and it seems with each passing moment she has become even more in tune with her own spirituality and that of anyone she comes in contact with. She is not perfect. She is not holier than thou. She is a human being who loves hard, tries each day to be the best version of herself, and is just trying to figure it all out like the rest of us. She is endearing and relatable. If you have a specific question, Kara will answer it to the best of her abilities. She is there for guidance and support, and nothing feels forced or inorganic in any way. 

I don't know how she does it, but I do know that what she does is indelible, eye-opening, and oftentimes life-changing. If only everyone could welcome this amazing woman into their lives with an open mind, and an open heart, the world would be a better place for it."
—Alison Prato; Editor and Journalist

"I went to Kara for a tarot reading when I found myself in a time of transition. I was scared to take the step to change careers.  Kara took the time to listen to my thoughts, and fears. She gave me hope, showed me a direction, and explained my challenges. The cards pulled and the advice she gave was a powerful gift that I refer to to this day. I took the step to follow my dreams and I’m so glad I did. I am forever grateful to the intuitive work Kara provided. It’s a transformative encounter that everyone should experience." 
—Jade Badger; RYT 200  

"Up till very recently I had convinced myself that the only way to live was on an emotional island, doing everything yourself and any type of spiritual guidance was a waste of time. Kara has helped me realize ever so gently that I matter, self care is important, and its not weak to reach out to ones community. Kara cares, and has guided me to a space where I now truly believe its powerful to let others contribute to your life."  
—Darcy Barber; Fashion Bish/Head of Design, Barber

"Kara is amazing. Her warm, loving and positive energy made me feel completely comfortable which I think contributed to the great reading she did for me. She is incredibly intuitive and I was blown away by how on point her feedback and advice were. This reading came at the perfect time in my life, and really made me think about my relationships and how I approach them in a way that has been so transformative ever since. Kara is honest, compassionate and caring, with a focus on both self love and love for others that left me feeling inspired and encouraged. I can't wait for my next reading with Kara and could not recommend her more!"  
—Simone Bolotin; Senior Director of PR, Coty Luxury